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What is Data Visualization in Advanced Analytics

Data Visualization is the visual processing of information that has been unexplained in some schematic form. Data Visualization is a feature integrated in Business Analytics allowing executives to have precise understanding of the reports that are extracted out of millions of data by developing a visual context around it. Simply, Data Visualization interpret complicated data into accessible, intelligible, and usable form.

What is Artificial Intelligence

The wider concept of Machine Learning is Artificial Intelligence. It allows program to be work on its intelligence by gathering data by itself.

What is Big Data.

Big Data deals with database processing, predictive analysis and user behaviour of the user. Big Data application has been widely in demand as large technologies and other industries are spending millions of amount to analyse and store large amount of data.

About Course

This course provides you a complete overview of Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, teaching you complete applications of Machine Learning and Advanced Analytical Techniques. With basic concepts and types of learning, it teaches you -

Supervised Learning: Building a model for predicting or estimating an output based on one or more inputs

Unsupervised Learning: Building a model with input data (but no outputs) to learn relationships and structure in the data

Reinforcement Learning: Reinforcement learning is learning what to do—how to map situations to actions

Supervised Learning and Techniques in Supervised Learning

Regression:Building a model when output is numerical e.g. Use of forecasting to support multiple functions

Classification:Building a model when output is categorical e.g. Personalized Offers and Promotions

Lab Work for Regression and Classification Unsupervised Learning and Techniques in Unsupervised Learning

Clustering: A set of techniques for finding subgroups, or clusters, in a dataset e.g. Customer Segmentation, Fraud Detection Dimensionality Reduction: Building a model that allows us to summarize a data set with a small number of representative variables that collectively explain most of the variability in the original set e.g. Association Rules: Apply association rules on given dataset, perform market basket analysis, Detect recurring patterns in data e.g. Identify Product adjacency for Cross-Selling An Orientation to Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence .

Who Should Attend Machine Learning Training

Corporate employees who are interested in learning Machine Language, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Professional who want to bring their ideas into Machine Learning.



Data Analyst

Business Analyst

Data Engineers

Machine Learning Course Duration

2 days session Each day 8 hours of sessions Only on Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)


What you’ll learn from the Course

Understand data science, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Artificial.

Understand and apply the basic machine learning techniques.

Identify use case of machine learning and Predictive Analytic in their daily work streams.

Apply association rules on given dataset.

Understand and apply supervised learning algorithms.

Understand and apply unsupervised learning algorithms.

Understand Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

AI COURSE Online Outline

Day 1

An overview of Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence Applications.

Basic Concepts and Types of Learning.

Supervised Learning and Techniques in Supervised Learning.



Summarize the topics covered


Recap of Day 1

Unsupervised Learning and Techniques in Unsupervised Learning


Dimensionality Reduction

Association Rules

An Orientation to Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Summarize the topics covered

Course Policy:

The charges for trainer’s fees for trainings conducted at Nimap Infotech Training Center will be shared on enrollment. FOR ENQUIRY: mail to enquiry@nimapinfotech.com

Wire Transfer Details

Bank Name : ICICI bank

Branch : Mazagaon Branch

Account Name : Nimap Infotech LLP

A/c. no :107105000697

IFSC Code : icic0001071

MICR code : 400229073

Training Terms and Conditions

Payment: 100% advance

All payment needs to be made in favor of “Nimap Infotech LLP”.

Fees are non-refundable. If a participant gets the replacement than fees will be transferable.

Thank You!!

Success of Nimap Infotech as a company is measured by the growth and happiness of its customers. Nimap Infotech has a vested interest in supporting you for years to come.

Please send us a PO and provided above and email to priyank@nimapinfotech.com if you choose to accept this offer.

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