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It was amazing session and its opened our mind to the mobile applications world. Priyank was so brilliant and friendly . We learn a lot from the session, best practice , experience, new programming language, ... etc . I would recommend iOS session, because anyone will get more experience from it.

And I would thank you for your great work in the training.

Owner : Luay Abdulrhman Saad Saleh
System Analyst, ALJ-FSOG Information Technology, Jedda, Saudi Arabia
I am Abdulaziz Saeed Bekeer I Employee in Newhorizons Saudi Arabia since 6 years
i working as developer in IT Department and Instructor ,i will talk about iOS Course in Jeddah .The training was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented and Mr Priyank has more knowledge and experience in iOS environment.
Thanks Priyank

I hope to attend with Mr Priyank future courses

Owner : Abdulaziz Bekeer
IT consultant and Instructor, NewHorizon, Jedda, Saudi Arabia
Today was the first day of learning Objective C and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day session. In fact it was so intutive, inspiring and encouraging that even by 7pm we were energetic to continue for couple of hours more.

I would say it was a perfect mix of theory and hands on practise. I feel this is the best way to learn programming, building an real life application step by step and in process learning the language.

I passed out as an engineer in 1991 and I was the best C programmer  at that time with good command on recursive logics. I had written chess game in that time on turbo c. However life took a different turn and I became a multimedia expert. Never got opportunity to get my hands on oops or writing programs in java. Still in your class I could follow the instructions and feel confident about building  applications.

There is a need for good trainers in new technologies and applied learning. This would create new leaders who can not only stand on their own feet but would also support many others in process. We'll no longer be looking at western world with begging bowls to get employment and opportunities. We'll be able to develop as creators and not just nuts and bolts of the system developed by west.

I have a passion for education and this is the right time multiply the trainers like you and spread the knowledge. Consider me in your team if you find that I can contribute in any way.

Owner : Tarun Soni
Managing Director, Novel Innovative Concepts, Mumbai, India
The course was fantastic and taught iOS concepts from ground up. The course covered all the vast array of topics on iOS from basic to advanced. The practical demos were very well organised and planned. Overall this is one of the best courses I have attended for a while.

It would be very hard to find an area for improvement but if I had to find one I suggest spending more time introducing the various controls as these are quite different in iOS. I would like to thank you for your flexibility with timing and course dates.

Owner : Jignesh Boricha
Technical Lead Mobility (Melbourne, Australia)
First of all I would like to thank you for the great objective C training program.This is helped me a lot to understand Objective C. I recommend this course for fresh and who want to learn programming. Hope I can visit again and take advance course.
Owner : Sulaiman
homaidan - MNC Professional, Dammam (Saudi Arabia)
The iOS training sessions were definitely awesome in other words more than what I expected. The course content and their division as per the levels were again something which makes understanding and learning more flexible also it covers almost everything which one should be knowing to develop from simple to complex app. The environment is also good for learning. And I would like to recommend if someone seriously looking their career in iOS Development. This will boost your confidence, knowledge and more important professional career.
Owner : Arun Yadav
Software Engineer (Mumbai, India)
We had the chance to collaborate with Priyank Ranka as consultant and also as Technical Training Provider. Priyank demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of the iPhone/iPad Application Development world, ecosystem, tools, language and practices. Furthermore he has been able in short term and in a flexible way to share and leverage this knowledge to our engineers and in line with our needs, enabling our business potentialities.
Owner : Fabrizio Campanale
Engineering Manager Barix AG - Switzerland
The course of Priyank was my first experience with Objective C programing, and I have to say it was for me the ideal way to start. Priyank is a very flexible and skillful presenter. He will adapt his lectures to the technical level of the audience, answering to all your questions, considering in a constructive way all types of feedback. He is very open to share with his audience his technical insights as an experienced gaming programmer. As a result you will be encouraged to work actively in a cooperative and friendly manner, understanding and practicing very well on the spot all the new material. In particular I liked that he would gradually expand his presentations from basics to details, keeping sample projects clean and modular. As a final result you stay involved, coding, compiling, debugging, learning tricks, ending up with a bunch of useful projects that can be easily adopted for your future projects. At the end, I highly recommend his training program and practical teaching style, both to beginners and more advanced developers who want to exploit in detail the new development possibilities brought by iPhone and Objective C.
Owner : Plamen Prodanov
Software Engineer, Ph.D. Barix AG (Switzerland)
I did a iPhone training Crash Course with Priyank and it was a great experience. I came from IT but a completely non-programming background into this training just as a side hobby. The very first interaction convinced me about the course contents and what exactly I will be able to do when I end the course. The course was done at a pace suitable to me with the right examples and case studies. The course material was well designed and did help in understanding the basics.
Owner : Nithin
Program Manager Helsinki – Finland
Consulting with Priyank was a good experience that helped enhance our team's iOS application skill sets.
Owner : Viraj Patel
Head Technology Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
If you want to learn iOS Development, GO TO PRIYANK...
Owner : Jayman Pandya
Co-Founder / Creative Director Moreyaa Communications
"At first we were nervous about iPhone/iPad training from Priyank but Priyank take care of all the feature of Objective-C. One of the things that has probably most impressed us is when we were actually doing practical work for each component during the course. We are very pleased with the quality of course material , practical work during our training. Priyank was always responsive and genuinely care about our queries that we asked."
Owner : Yogesh Kolhe, Navneet Kaushal, Sajin Balakrishnan
Senior Associate at MNC, Associate at MNC, Senior Software Engineer at MNC (MUMBAI)
After attending an iPhone/iPad development training from 'Priyank' @ Nimap Infotech, I would conclude that the class was excellent and very well structured. The trainer used the case method where the syllabus topics were explained using examples and at the end of the course a Mobile App was developed that had combined functionality of all concepts that were learnt. In addition other important aspects like deployment, Apple developer portal and distribution were covered. The trainer teaches with passion which is evident from the hard work put in to design the course and materials. Before coming into the class, I had a strong background in software development with a good grasp of C, C++, Java, PHP and the .NET based development languages including mobile application development experience (Windows Mobile). I could have picked up a book, referred to websites and learnt the Objective C language and iPhone/iPad development on my own but in the end I strongly believe that I made the right decision as I would be missing out on: - Real world development experience of the trainer 'Priyank' (more than 15 live iPhone apps) - Tips & Tricks of iPhone/iPad application development (what the books don't tell you) - What to do (recommendations) and what to avoid (pitfalls) based on first hand experience - Fast paced course structure based on real world examples and the case method - Continued support from the trainer after the training (big plus) The biggest advantage that the course provides is that it is exclusive and customized (individual attention of the trainer). The trainer wants you to succeed which is why there is no spoon feeding (focus is applied on making the student an independent developer). This is unlike any other course that you will come across.
Owner : Shahed
Independent IT Professional Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
I took an iPhone/iPad development class with Nimap Infotech and I am very pleased with the practical approach used. My instructor (Priyank) provided study material, real life examples, and case studies and covered pretty much all the relevant topics needed for me to jumpstart development for iPhone. I worked on the Mac book machine and got to know more about the iOS, XCode and other tools needed to develop test and deploy the application on the apple store. The step-by-step approach taken by Nimap Infotech is very helpful to go in to details of every topic covered. I also bought books for the development but I feel that after taking the class, the books are a breeze to go through. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has worked on C or C++ before or with a basic programming background and is interested in iPhone development.
Owner : Priyanka
Masters in CS - Souther CT State University USA
I had iPhone Training at Nimap Infotech. It was a good experience, which included, things starting from the scratch. Objective C was given a fair amount of consideration, an essential entity for developing iPhone Applications. Industry experience of the Trainer Priyank Ranka made this training more involving and exclusive. The course structure was well formatted, to make learning easy.
Owner : Nikhil Oza,
Software Programmer, B.E (Mumbai University)
I had no knowledge about mobile technology and I used to hear from newspapers that mobile technology has lot to offer to the world and in coming years there would be lot of job opportunities and even developers can make money by promoting the apps to app store. Hence I was looking for a suitable and affordable training provider and that's where I found Priyank's institute. I'm a windows guy and I had no idea about mac. Priyank not only trained me in latest mobile technology (iPhone SDK, Cocoa touch) but also in mac too. The course modules were crisp and clear. Most interesting part was the self coding. After each and every class, the coding of modules used to be challenging and it used to test the depth of knowledge which we learnt in the class. Another interesting feature is whenever I have doubts or whenever the concept is unclear he help me in every time to get it cleared. Sometimes if I couldn't solve the problem I used to ask plenty of questions to him and he used to explain me, guide me on how to solve the problems. The iPhone course which I took helped me a lot at my work. Some of the projects are really based on my training. Also whenever I get a free time I develop some apps. Thanks to him for bringing me out of the darkness in a quick time. I recommend Priyank to every one who wants to make a career in mobile technology.
Owner : Amrit Trivedi
iPhone/iPad App Developer BE from Gujarat University
Priyank sir is the best teacher cum friend I have come across. He is really passionate about what he is teaching and that is what makes him the best. iPhone App Dev is in his blood and does complete justice to what he teaches. Priyank sir is gem of a person and great by heart. Before I joined his classes, I told sir that I am very weak in Programming but still I want to learn the iPhone App Development so will I be able to learn and do justice. Priyank said, " Dont worry Abhishek, I will really make it simple, simpler than HTML and trust me today I feel iphone App Dev is simpler than HTML. Though my programming skills were very weak, Priyank even took pains to teach me the basic logic and concepts about programming which I didn't know. Because of this I am quite confident now. Seriously he is the best teacher I have come across. With Priyank learning will never end, there is a lot to learn from him throughout. Seriously sir, you are the best teacher and a thorough gentleman.
Owner : -Abhishek R.Chandan
BE from Mumbai University
I am working on iOS platform. My profile basically consists of developing applications for iPhone and iPad. I took the initial training from Priyank Ranka. All the basic concepts were covered very efficiently.The topics were explained in a very simple manner and the notes provided are easy to understand. It was a very good experience for me and I am glad to have started my career under the guidance of Priyank Ranka.
Owner : Dhanashree Bhat
iOS Apps Developer Trainee Neebal Technologies - Mumbai
Priyank, the first word that comes to my mind is genius. His ways of teaching are very concise and a practical approach to the subject. Being a complete stranger to objective C , after Priyanks guidance it feels like 3rd grade mathematics. While teaching he relates complex concepts to the real world and he can actually make you visualize certain complex processes which would take a while to decipher. The tutorial is very interactive. Priyank is not biased in his approach, he is very open to discussion and he makes each session an enjoyable experience unlike the standard "training sessions" where it seems like yet another "classroom experience". Priyank has really explored my talent from day one. He has made me progress a great deal and due to his excellence , today programming is my passion. He made me work on my own game and even launched it for me "BRAINIACK". Now I work for Nimap Infotech and what can I say Priyank is like an elder brother/mentor to me.
Owner : Krish Ramnani
2nd Year Dimploma Vivekanand College, Mumbai
We had joined the iOS training course with a clear aim to learn iOS concepts, gain development insights and fast-track development of our apps. Priyank has helped us immensely towards this end by imparting knowledge and concepts in the most professional and competent terms. The best part was not only to learn iOS language & framework intricacies but, to share knowledge on architectural paradigms and development best practices. The training was also conducted in time-bound mode and as per the schedule plan. We are thoroughly satisfied with the course delivery and would recommend it strongly to freshers and experienced developers alike – to anyone who is starting out with iOS development and feels the need to get trained and accelerate development. All the best.
Owner : Prashant Tamanekar & Subhodip Sengupta
Tech Leads Whats On India - Mumbai,India
iOS workshop conducted in our college for the first time by Priyank Sir acted as a boon for the students. It gave us exposure to the requirements of the professional world. All the topics under the workshop were covered thoroughly. Each Session was focused on the practical implementation of the basics of objective C. Right from displaying text, images, animations, tables, custom tables, custom animations, accelerometers, sqlite database queries, creating tabs, touch events, xml to deploying them on iPhone and iPad. Sir taught us holistically emphasizing on the basics and clearing doubts of each and every student. Sir's style of teaching enabled us to implement the codes on our own. In all, it was a nice and enjoyable learning experience and we hope to make iOS which is proving out to be a promising technology in the near future as our career domain.
Owner : Divya Sachdev
3rd Year IT Student, Terna Engineering College, Mumbai
Before the IOS workshop,I was really not knowing that there is something like a programming language called Objective-C which is used for IOS. Due to this workshop I've got to know how iPhone apps are created and what actually the framework is used for making an app and IDE. Objective-C is completely different from other programming languages. We've studied how to create labels,inserting images,giving animations to images,tabs,tables and inserting cells in table,inserting and retrieving data from databases,multitouch concept and last one XML parsing.And also studied how to deploy your own app into the iPhone. Priyank Sir is very friendly person and he never made us to behave as professional with him in that 60 hrs session but he always used to say "think like professionals boss" that shows the encouragement to us.He is very open to discussion and he makes each session an enjoyable experience.He used to give the assignment as a homework for us after every session and I seriously done those assignments with patience. For me the iOS workshop was really good learning process. I've learnt some new concept which was completely strange to me. I came across some difficulties during the workshop but Sir used to sort it out very patiently. The whole session was practical oriented. Every friday I used to feel really tired to come saturdays to attend the workshop but as soon as session get starts I completely used to in that programming mood. I only advice the students who wants to get trained in iOS should have lots of patience to learn this programming language or any other programming languages as well.
Owner : Sravanthi Gunda
3rd Year IT Student, Terna Engineering College, Mumbai
The overall workshop was really awesome. I enjoyed it a lot creating apps n games for iPhones. Really the overall experience was simply great. Learning about MVCs gave me a new look out towards programming GUIs for applications, which I would certainly use in my further applications. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us. Any ways I loved this workshop and started loving Apple iOS.
Owner : Mayur Shingare
3rd Year IT Student, Terna Engineering College, Mumbai
Before this workshop actually I was not interested in programming at all because I earlier found programming as a bit difficult task but now after this workshop I started liking programing ,even I was not knowing the basic concept of the programming but after the long sessions of 60 hours I was actually very clear with the programming concepts.This workshop will be really helpful in my whole career to improve my basics. How to do good and the better programming ? How to actually write the program in proper way? that was the most important feature of this workshop. Actually first I was not knowing about the Objective-C language but after this workshop I have learned the concept of this language and also the basic concept of the other languages. The best part about the Priyank Ranka Sir he gives attention to each and every student in the class if one student is weak in something he personally solves his query and Sir's teaching is very practical based so basic concepts got cleared.
Owner : Swati Mane
3rd Year IT Student, Terna Engineering College, Mumbai
The IOS workshop was overall conducted good within the time constraint. The teaching style should be slightly improved I can understand that your not from this industry still you managed well. It would be better if you teach on projector. Overall it was a great experience and a nice platform to explore thanks for the guidance.
Owner : Shraddha Shirke
3rd Year IT Student, Terna Engineering College, Mumbai
The training was a good enabler for the team. It accelerated the learning process for everyone. We could get started with the development quickly. Thanks for enlightening us with basics of iOS development.
Owner : Abhijit Tannu
CTO, Seclore, Mumbai
It was good learning experience for me. Course content is good for 2 days span. I wish we could have cover bit of database part but it was really wonderful feeling to play your own game on iPhone.
Owner : Nitin Mahajan
Team Lead eLuminous Technologies, Nasik
I have attended the iOS / iPhone training last weekend, it was awesome. As per my understanding all the trainees are having experience about more than 5-6 years. The way you trained us was amazing and you answered all the questions on the spot which are raised in the class room. That demonstrations your hard work and knowledge on the subject. couple of observations...You can start the training with a brief introduction to the Apple iOS /iPhone (high level architecture - only for experienced). You can design the course the based on the spectators (fresher/experienced).
Owner : Krishna Sagar
Lead - Product Development, MNC, Banglore
The iOS course was awesome, It not only help me to learn iOS games development but also taught me the good way of thinking about the project and method to work on it.Thanks for sharing your wonderful knowledge with me.
Owner : Parth Dani.
First of all I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. It was a great learning experience, never thought I would gain so much confidence after only a two days session on iOS development. I will try my best to practice more on your teachings and get more knowledge in iOS development.Also the Lunch was really great! J I hope to get more valuable guidance from you in future.
Owner : Azhar Bandri
Project Manager, Gadre Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Ratnagiri.
Priyank it was great experience for taking training and learning knowledge about iOS technology, objective C and programming for making apps from you.
Owner : Avinash Kataria.
4th Year BE- Thadomal Shahani Engineering College. Mumbai University, India.
I joined iOS undergraduate course at Nimap Infotech.Teaching quality is just awesome.All the topics are covered in detail and all the concepts are well covered by Priyank Ranka.
Owner : Lucky Lakhwani
4th Year BE, Watumull Engineering College, Mumbai
I am happy to say that the 4 day course helped me a lot. I like Priyank Ranka'a teaching style. He managed well to cover contents of the course in limited time period.
Owner : Rajesh G
Engineer-Broadcast TATA ELXSI, Trivandrum
I was almost new to development using Objective C & IOS. The design of training was really good, from simple concepts to more complex things. The best thing was you took enough time to teach the base even with the time constraint we had. I believe that understanding the paradigm followed by the programming language is most important. There was a good amount of detailing about MVC & OOPS. Then there were a lot of discussions and hands-on. Over all it was a really good training session.Thank you very much for giving such a good training.
Owner : Akhil Babu
Tata Elxsi, Trivandrum
I am Abdulaziz Saeed Bekeer I Employee in Newhorizons Saudi Arabia since 6 years
i working as developer in IT Department and Instructor ,i will talk about iOS Cour... read more
IT consultant and Instructor, NewHorizon, Jedda, Saudi Arabia
Owner : Abdulaziz Bekeer

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