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Building Mobile Capability is the whole new service offered by Nimap Infotech to build the mobility team for your company. The biggest problem for the companies today is to get the proper mobile programmer, which fulfill their requirement. In order to make things easier and perfect Nimap Infotech offers this service FREE OF COST. Yes you have read correctly we will not charge any consultancy charges to build the mobile team for your organization.

We have defined 4 simple steps procedure to build your mobile team, which will build processed programmer before they start delivering the project.

1. Get Resumes

You should try to get as many resumes from your online network as possible. The most efficient place is Linked In. After you get the resumes we will provide you set of questions for iOS and Android. These sets of questions will make sure unwanted programmers get filtered out before you invest time in interviewing them. We will be providing the break ups of scores and time in which the candidate has to complete these sets of questions depending upon the proficiency level of the candidate which he/she has mention in the resume.

2. Internal Round of Interviews

Once candidate clears step 1 he/she can go for your internal rounds of interviews. You can have as many rounds as possible as per your company policy.

3. Final Round of Interview With Nimap Infotech

The one of the internal consultant of Nimap Infotech will finally interview the candidate, who clears all the rounds. After interview consultant will provide his/her feedbacks on the candidate.

4. Process Training

This is the most important part of the process where we give you suggestion about the level of training your selected candidate has to go through before they start working on your project. Getting them processed training we help you to deliver things properly and making projects deliverables more robust and maintainable. Depending upon the candidate we will suggest that some candidate are ready to deploy, some might needs couple of days training or some might need few days of training.

For all the above mention steps to get proper mobile programmer we will not charge any consultancy fees to you. We will charge only one time minimum fees for question sets also we will provide free 3 updates to this question sets. When we will come to your premises or take remote interview we will charge you for that particular candidate depending upon per hour basis or per candidate basis which ever suits you. And when we will suggest process training we will charge training fees for that particular training.

If you see we are charging you only on those things, which will make your programmer more reliable and processed to deliver projects.
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