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With mobile domain increasing all your clients wants to get their respective solutions on the mobile devices. The biggest problem is that you do not have ready to deploy team in house. You start hiring the mobile resource. With Mobile Capability service Nimap Infotech helps you to build the team. But getting that team into execution might take some time. Nimap Infotech helps you to build your app parallel along with building your team. With this parallel practice helps you to build your first version of the app along with the team, which can take over the future releases.
I am Abdulaziz Saeed Bekeer I Employee in Newhorizons Saudi Arabia since 6 years
i working as developer in IT Department and Instructor ,i will talk about iOS Cour... read more
IT consultant and Instructor, NewHorizon, Jedda, Saudi Arabia
Owner : Abdulaziz Bekeer

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