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UI UX Training In Mumbai

What is User Experience (UX Design)

User experience in simple terms is everything that a user feels. While interacting with a product, device, application or any website, UX design is the process which determines what a user will experience. It helps you understand in-depth knowledge of websites and mobile applications that fulfills all the needs both for the business and users. Being in a digital field it helps you ease out user's journey and solve their problems by enhancing user’s experience. With the help of this course, we bring users vision and thought process into a real life by being hands-on with the process of research, finding, usability, content, persona, site-map, wireframing, and prototyping to test quality results.

What is Visual Interface (UI Design)

User Interface helps you design the visual elements of your screens and pages. It helps you interact with the functionality of the product features to make your product’s surface look more visually appealing. It mainly focuses on users internal experience while they interact with the company’s products and services. It visually helps you guide the user’s product’s interface using interactive elements across all the sizes and platforms.

Design is everything but making that design useful, durable and aesthetic is challenging.

Finding your career in UI/UX designs and developments is challenging. Creating beautiful visual interface is easy but working and making it usable is difficult. User experience helps users to accomplish their work using minimal of time. It works just like the brain works for the human body, stimulating all functions.

How we start

We develop business logic to create questionnaires and get them fulfilled by our user-friendly customers which help us create suitable data to plan and strategize meaningful personas, wireframes, and prototypes.

How do we Work?

We as a troubleshooter start focussing on visual interface experience (UI) to meet and reconnect with user experience (UX), to provide Intuitive, smooth and pleasant business targets. We research, plan and design to shoot entire problems with an aesthetic strategy to meet presentable interaction.

Why Us?

We create surroundings that enthusiast you to learn your lessons efficiently. Before completing the course we prepare you enough that you will be ready with your portfolios. We end up certifying you as a professional UI/UX developer who is ready to shoot all designing problem. Our main goal is to provide painless results offering needful services.

Attend 2 hours of productive teachings with our specialized UI/UX trainers for around two and half months at every Saturday and Sunday (Weekend) and get authentic certification and dwell your career rightly into designing field.

Who Should Attend UX/UI Training

Anyone who loves graphics designing and wants to pursue their career in User Experience.

Freshers who want to bring their ideas into potential Apps.



Design Admirers

Mobile Designers

Web Developers

UX/UI Course Duration

Two and half months (10 weeks)

What you’ll learn from the Course

User Experience (UX)

We help you understand the proposed actions to capture users business goals.

Learn to create a competitive product analysis.

Learn to create proper balanced forms and principles of UX process to create functional specifications.

Understand the user experience strategy to identify business success and user needs.

Plan out process to set your target audience, what people need from your website and what your clients need from it to succeed.

Learn to create personas which help you find out the users behavior.

Learn to produce an informational structure to intensify the site’s content and design.

Learn guidelines to condemn designing rules that work on all screens and devices.

Understand user’s journey to create a visual display order.

Learn to create wireframes and prototypes to scope user experience.

Learn to generate sitemaps and roadmaps.

We make you learn the key areas of UI-UX design course - from interviewing your users through to prototyping and usability testing your designs.

Learn to create impressive portfolios and real-world projects.

Visual User Interface (UI)

User Experience (UX) functions introduce User Interface (UI) to help people interact and connect with what they see.

It helps you find solutions to the end user.

It will help you create hierarchy, color, contrast, typography and gestalt principles.

It helps you design a striking visual display that leads you closer to your goals.

Learn to create compelling UI designs for all types of apps, sites or systems.


Requires a good understanding of graphic design.

Should be confident in using design software like illustrator and photoshop.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Need Laptop with 8GB RAM (minimum 4GB)

Will require software ( Photoshop and Illustrator )

UX/UI Online Outline

Foundation of UX/UI

What importance does UX/UI make?

Research - I

Research - II

Strategy - I

Strategy - II

Principles of UX - I

Principles of UX - II

Wireframing - I

Wireframing - II

UX Testing - I

UX Testing - II

Elements of UI - I

Elements of UI - II

Content Creation - I

Content Creation - II

UI Animation

Data Visualisation - I

Data Visualisation - II

Tools (like sketch and flinto)

UX/UI Training Pricing For Individual (Per Participant)

Mr. Sagar Pradhan 25,000 INR (inclusive of all taxes)

The charges above are for trainer’s fees for trainings conducted at Nimap Infotech Training Center

Wire Transfer Details

Bank Name : ICICI bank

Branch : Mazagaon Branch

Account Name : Nimap Infotech LLP

A/c. no :107105000697

IFSC Code : icic0001071

MICR code : 400229073

UX/UI Designing Training Terms and Conditions

Payment: 100% advance

All payment needs to be made in favor of “Nimap Infotech LLP”.

Fees are non-refundable. If a participant gets the replacement than fees will be transferable.

Thank You!!

Success of Nimap Infotech as a company is measured by the growth and happiness of its customers. Nimap Infotech has a vested interest in supporting you for years to come.

Please send us a PO and provided above and email to priyank@nimapinfotech.com if you choose to accept this offer.

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